Friday, May 4, 2012

Mothers Day celebrations and dining calendar for metro Denver

Mothers Day celebrations and dining calendar for metro Denver

This year Mothers Day falls on Sunday, May 13th. It's the day to celebrate mothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers, foster mothers, grandmothers, and all of those who've acted like a mom to you over the years. Here is a calendar of Mothers Day celebrations and dining options in the Denver metro area.

Mothers, retailers can expect a good day
Buyers of Mother?s Day gifts are expected to be more generous this year, thanks to a better economy and more favorable calendar.

The Olive Tree Market- Mothers Day Market
Buy Handmade & Unique for Mothers Day! The Olive Tree Market will hold its next market on Saturday 5th of May, between 9am-3pm, at The Junction Public School. Mays market will have lots of unique Mothers Day focused work direct from the hands of over 100 local artists and designers!



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