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Father's Day personalized gifts - Father's Day history

 Did you ever think you can make Father’s Day a real holiday for your Daddy? It can be really interesting for your family too. You just have to remember all your father’s preferences and try to put them together in a funny or interesting mix. Don’t forget about traditional gifts as neck ties but also remember that Dad has got enough socks and another pair isn’t an inspired gift.

You may choose to give your father a personalized gift, something that he would remember over years.

Write something on a t-shirt (you may want to do it yourself using acrylic paint), on a mug, cap or jacket. Sometimes it’s not very easy to make a choice but if your finances permit you to buy an expensive gift you may not even think about what to buy. Just find out from your Mom or use a trick to find out directly from your Dad what he dreams about (in case you didn’t know). Online there are a lot of different gifts to choose from; it can be a traditional gift or a special one, a cheap gift or an expensive one, it doesn’t matter, if you know it would make your father happy go for it and buy it.

Make the right choice and for Father’s Day you’ll be rewarded with your Dad’s smile and approval.

Father's Day is a day honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 52 of the world's countries and on other days elsewhere

The idea for creating a day for children to honor their fathers began in Spokane, Washington. A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd thought of the idea for Father's Day while listening to a Mother's Day sermon in 1909.

Having been raised by her father, William Jackson Smart, after her mother died, Sonora wanted her father to know how special he was to her. It was her father that made all the parental sacrifices and was, in the eyes of his daughter, a courageous, selfless, and loving man. Sonora's father was born in June, so she chose to hold the first Father's Day celebration in Spokane, Washington on the 19th of June, 1910.

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. President Nixon, in 1972, established a permanent national observance of Father's Day to be held on the third Sunday of June

In 1926, a National Father's Day Committee was formed in New York City. Father's Day was recognized by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1956. In 1972, President Richard Nixon established a permanent national observance of Father's Day to be held on the third Sunday of June. So Father's Day was born in memory and gratitude by a daughter who thought that her father and all good fathers should be honored with a special day just like we honor our mothers on Mother's Day

Other Theories of Fathers Day Origin

    * There are several theories behind the origination of Father's Day.
    * Some believe that the first Fathers Day church service was held in West Virginia in 1908.
    * Others opine that the ceremony was first held in Vancouver, Washington.
    * The president of Lions' Club, Chicago, Harry Meek is said to have celebrated the first Father's Day with his organization in 1915 to stress on the need to honor fathers. He selected third Sunday in June for celebration, the closest date to Meek's own birthday. In appreciation for Meek's work, the Lions Clubs of America presented him with a gold watch, with the inscription "Originator of Father's Day," on his birthday, June 20, 1920.
    * Some historians honor Mrs. Charles Clayton of West Virginia, as the Founder of Father's Day.
    * In 1957, Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote Congress that, "Either we honor both our parents, mother and father, or let us desist from honoring either one. But to single out just one of our two parents and omit the other is the most grievous insult imaginable."
    * In countries where Catholic Church holds greater influence Father's Day is celebrated on St. Joseph's Day (March 19).

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