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Mothers Day Crafts - originate a Mothers Day Gift Wrap With gourmet request for retrial Using Recycled Grocery Paper

Mothers Day Crafts - originate a Mothers Day Gift Wrap With gourmet request for retrial Using Recycled Grocery Paper

Have you ever noticed some of the ornamental grocery paper bags and thought, it is too pretty to toss out, so why not repurpose this antiqued themed paper for Mothers Day gift wrapping?  Well, those were my thoughts when I was admiring the Traders Joes grocery paper bag I brought home from the store.  The printed design featured on the side of the bag has a timeless glutton charm that resembles stamped patterns of vegetables, fruit, wine bottles, forks and a tea kettle.

This is the excellent project for Mothers Day gift wrapping.  It is the equilibrium of elegant meets recycled grocery paper.

The supplies you will need for this project:


·Decorative grocery paper bag:  We chose to use a Trader Joes Grocery paper bag in an antiqued brown and barn red with a theme stamped pattern.  Note, if your gift box or package is medium or large, you will need to use more than one grocery bag.

·Fabric knit, approximately 12 inches in length:  We chose red to complement the colors in the paper.

·1 sheet of scrapbooking paper:  We chose a chocolate brown with a shimmery metallic finish.

·1 introductory embellishment, adhesive backed for easy attachment.

·Craft scissors

·Scotch tape

·1 name tag

·Fine writing pen or Sharpie pen:  We chose the color white to use on chocolate brown paper.


Step 1:  Using your scissors, cut design pattern from grocery bag or bags depending on the size of your gift box or package. 


Step 2:  Wrap and accumulate with scotch tape to package or box.


Step 3:  Wrap Fabric knit nearby the town of the package, securing it by tying a bow.  If working with a small gift, tie a small bow.  If the gift box or package is medium or larger, tie a larger bow, but not too big that the pattern of your paper will not be visible. 


Step 4:  Using your craft scissors cut a a small section from your scrapbooking paper and fold in half creating a small tag  that can be lifted up.  Craft scissors add a nice ornamental trim to the edges of your card.


Step 5:  Next, attach the elegant introductory ornament to the front of the gift tag.  If it does not already come with an adhesive on the back of it apply craft adhesive glue stick to it.


Step 6: Address the gift tag, using a lighter colored pen on dark scrapbooking paper and a darker fine point pen on lighter paper.


For more creative and practice gift wrapping ideas, check out my report on Specialty Gift Wrapping for Fathers Day that whatever can do.

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